Replacement Parts
Aquarium LED Light Strip - This LED strip light replaces the incandecent rope light in a previous version.  The light is brighter, uses less power, lasts longer,  and is long enough to wrap around the entire tank and back under the base to better light up the entire aquarium case.  This is a custom made light strip for this application.  

Filer & Air Pump - The aquarium uses a Whisper 3i In Tank Filter, it includes the air pump, filter housing,  filter cartridge, and connecting hose.  It is the entire filtration assembly.

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New Lighting!
Upgraded to LED light strip to illuminate the tank!
Exciting news!  I've upgraded the lighting insid of the iMacAquarium.  I now use a LED strip light that wraps around the entire tank.  This allows light to shine up through the bottom if you use translucent stones in the bottom of the tank which looks prety cool!   It also now  illuminates the bottom part of the case.  In this video you can see the difference the new light makes.  

Installing The New LED Light Strip

Unplug the power cord.  Empty the aquarium tank.  Use a flat blade screwdriver to open the panel where the on/off switch is located.  Remove the two outer screws which attach the base.  Remove the base.  Cut any wire ties attaching the light to the framework.  Unplug the old light from the extension cord.  Remove electrical tape from switch connection and detach the light strip from the switch.  

Route the new LED Strip Light.  Remove the end cap.  slide the end of the light under the base of the tank on the right side while looking at the tank from the front.  Pull it out on the left and route it up the left  siderail, over the top and down the right side rail.  Route it down and under the bottom of the base between the speaker and the mesh base.  You may need to bend the mesh base a little so the strip fits well when you re-attach the base.  Secure the strip in place with plastic wire ties on the top of each side rail.

Plug the light strip back into the power cord.  Attach the switch to the wire connectors and re-wrap with electrical tape.  Re-install the base.